Our Philosophy


Progressive Global Network’s investment philosophy is rooted on the fundamental understanding of making investments in distressed markets with the proper resources to make future projections in acquiring the ability for equity like annual net returns.

The Progressive Global Network team actively looks for the most compelling risk/reward investments in “off-the-run” opportunities to achieve distress properties. It is our absolute requirement that all research is performed in-house. Portfolio positions are analyzed by multiple team members from the different perspectives with the goal of identifying investment opportunities with limited downside risk.

We often search for “off the run” distressed investments. Our team is large enough to thoroughly investigate virtually any opportunity.

Our team approach to investing provides for efficient and effective sourcing and vetting of ideas and allows us to quickly identify parts of the asset class with the greatest opportunity at any point in time. With deep expertise in all phases of distressed real estate investing, we are positioned to capture quick acquisition throughout the distressed cycle.